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which rubber for helmhouse sliding window

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    I have a persistent leak in my helmhouse top sliding window at the rubber level. ‘creeping crack cure’ would not help but it was solved 3 years ago using Simson CA adhesive. Unfortunatly the leak recently appeared again.
    Using a link ( in these fora I recently received Seals+Direct catalog, likely the seal provider for Siltalia around 1978
    I suspect I could solve my leak problem by simply replacing the rubber around the persplex frame. I guess one of their ‘rubber square U channel’ is the good candidate (page 24 of their catalogue), it may also be ‘S shapped window rubber’ (page 42) ?
    Has anyone already replaced this rubber seal, which type and reference is it ? is there good recommandations to follow ?


    Thanks in advance.
    Yves (Naïla, NC33 mkII #484, 1978)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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