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This Association was officially inaugurated in 1995 and has been growing ever since,  now we have around 125 boats across the world.  Each year we try to run rallies, on the South Coast of England, Scotland, East Coast UK and Northern France.  Although the Association is based in the UK we have members in Belgium, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, the USA, Malta and Australia.

Nauticats are very well made motor sailers and pilot-house yachts, which were manufactured by Siltala Yachts at Turku in Finland. The 33 was in production from 1966, and there are about 1200 of them worldwide. They are now superseded by the 331. The largest in the range are the 525s, with various sizes in between to cater for all tastes and requirements. The name Nauticat comes from the Finnish for nautical quality and they are certainly quality boats.

If you are looking for a Nauticat then we can often pair you with a member who might be able to take you out or at least have a look over.

We also put out a magazine Cat-A-Log at least three times a year – see here for an example Number-62. We aim to organise socials, rallies and a place for owners to share information on maintenance, suppliers, cruising matters.

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We’ve built this site to allow full members and forum users to chat about Nauticats, please feel free to sign up and ask questions.