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Winter maintenance list – what's on yours ?

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    I have been thinking about what I need to do this year on the boat over winter. Always a never ending task list, but this year mine looks like:

    1. Replace all sea cocks – going for composite material for all other than the engine intake
    2. Specify and have built a gantry to go over the wheelhouse roof light to support solar panels sufficient for the boats electrical needs
    3. Clean out the fuel tanks for next season
    4. Learn how to bleed to fuel system properly and change the fuel filters
    5. Service the outboard and learn how to do it myself
    6. Service all life jackets properly
    7. Check the life raft and service it if necessary
    8. Work out why the Raymarine autopilot seems to be unable to steer a compass heading
    9. Update/replace the paper charts where necessary
    10. Fit a new boom vang and kicking strap
    11. Start the endless process of re varnishing the interior of the boat.

    What’s on you list ?



    David Babsky

    I’d add..

    12. Check the raw water pump impeller
    13. Check and replace the engine anode (on the heat exchanger)
    14. Check – and replace if necessary – the external anode(s)
    15. Check battery electrolyte (water) levels and top-up
    16. Order spare fuel filters and rubber hoses for engine
    17. CHECK ALL rubber hoses on engine for perishing
    18. Check usability of – and re-grease – anchor winch
    19. Top-up steering fluid
    20. Check tension of standing rigging

    Roger Sturge

    And I would add check and service your rope cutter. Just before sailing to the Netherlands we noticed a knocking sound from the rear end which wasn’t related to engine revs. We put WildCat n the Royal Harwich scrubbing posts and checked the propeller. The noise reducing pads n the rope cutter were non-existent. The rattle continues, of course, awaiting the next lift out but we can live with it – at least it wasn’t a show stopper.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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