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Window sealing rubber

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    victor crowhurst

    I have a small leak on the lower side of the starboard pilothouse window. Has any one replaced their seals, I noticed an anonymous post from 2014 who contacted Patric or Kai and there were two types of rubber available. There must be other alternatives apart from good old Sikalex. Can anyone bounce a curved rubber ball past me?


    Previous owner changed all the framing seal on my 1978 NC33 mkII (he said it is an easy task) and left me a roll of that seal and filler
    The manufacturer I was able to track down in septembre 2018 is Direct+Seal, a british company
    Seals+Direct Ltd
    Unit 6, Milton Business Centre, Wick Drive, New Milton, Hants BH25 6RH UK
    tel : 01425 617722
    Attached is a photo of a slice of that seal (in two parts, black ruber and white filler)

    The seal seems to be in page 55 of their catalogue I receveid upon request.
    The one that best fit the photo is CS787

    Hope it helps,

    PS : I have been unable to track down the manufacturer for the seal around the top sliding window in the wheelhouse.
    If anyone has a hint …

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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