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Who made this toe rail?

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    Piers Covill

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have a toe-rail similar to my 1984 Nauticat 43? Looks like a commercially available toe rail. I am trying to track down the manufacturer. The stanchion base looks to have two bolts only that bolt onto the rail and I can’t see one that goes down into the deck but there may be one. The base is a fitted item that slots into the shape of the toe rail. I am after new bases. I can have them manufactured (which is a faff) but if I can find the vendor I might be able to buy some.


    Technical Secretary


    I bought two bases a few years ago for my Nauticat 40. They came quite quickly.
    I think for a period Nauticat used a company called Jukova Oy, a Finish company;

    Jukovantie 20
    21430 Yliskulma
    Tel. +358 10 474 444
    Fax +358 10 474 4290
    A link below to relevant page in their product boucher.


    Hi Piers,

    The rail stanchion bases are cq where manufactered by in Finland.
    Info i found on this forum. I thought.
    There web info on old products is little rusty.
    So you have to call them.
    There is no bolt that goes into the deck.
    I guess you need the S-97 or the S-98.
    I’m interested in the costs.
    We have repaired several bases on our NC35 with Helicoils.

    regards Arjan


    I had heard that they were bespoke made but if you can find a manf. that’s amazing. I need one for our 42!


    I have very similar on my 1994 Nauticat 39 and need to replace a couple which are starting to crack. Also very interested in the cost and availability.

    Piers Covill

    Great info chaps – thanks! I will contact Jukova and see what they can provide for all our boats, and get an idea of coats.

    On my NC43 I will have to remove the teal hand rail and so I am thinking to take the whole lot off and replace all the bases as many are cracked and doubtless the others are coming to the end of their lives so I might as well bite the bullet.

    Best wishes Piers
    Technical Secretary.

    Piers Covill

    Thanks for the info Arjan and Gordon – you are correct. The bases are made by Jukova Corporation Oy Tel. +358 10 474 4241 and I dealt with who looks after these products and speaks good english. These ones were the AS097 model and they had 66 in stock. I ordered 20 (I need 18 and planning to fit two more to strengthen the push-pit where the liferaft is attached) and this cost €20 a unit plus VAT at 24% plus €60 carriage to the UK.

    I will let you know how I get on with fitting them. Only two bolts into the rail – phew.

    Best wishes

    Tech Sec

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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