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Which wiper blade/ arm replacement can I obtain for my 33 mk 2?

Yachting Home Forums General Which wiper blade/ arm replacement can I obtain for my 33 mk 2?

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    My wiper blades are caput. After a year and much research I am no closer to a solution. The arm does not seem to be able to be removed as on a car but needs to be disconnected from inside. I have investigated arms, blades and refills. Blades for vintage cars seen to be the nearest but the largest I can find are 11 knches and mine are 15. The motors work fine.
    Does any one have any experience of replacing theirs or any ideas?

    John Crump


    I have a 331, not a 33, but I think the arrangement is similar. The original blades are American and hugely expensive to import. Like John Skidmore in TAIVA, I bought a set of marine blades from Force 4 chandlers and was able easily to adapt them to fit, by drilling out the attachment. They are a little shorter than the originals but perfectly satisfactory.
    John Crump

    Robin O’Donoghue

    I have a 33 and have replaced all my windscreen wiper blades with Venus blades. They fit over the existing spline and are held in place with grub screws. They can be purchased at:

    Willow Marina
Willow Lane
RG10 8LH
    Tel: +44(0)1189 403211
Fax: +44(0)1189 402140

    Robin O’Donoghue

    David Babsky

    Hi, I’m David of “Nautilia”. I’ve replaced all three arms on our 33 MkII (..and a motor, too!)

    For the first replacements, I seem to remember – it was several years ago – I just pulled off the old blades, although I had to use several squirts of WD40 to loosen them from the serrated knob which sticks out of the motor’s rotor, just above the windscreen. Having loosened one of them, I took it to a car parts shop in Calais (..where we happened to be; it was just at the roundabout on the main road just before the railway station..) and they had matching length arms with similar ends which fitted the serrated rotor top, and I bought three. They were black, not chrome, but they fitted perfectly.

    More recently (..two years ago?..) I wanted to re-replace one of them here in England – near Ramsgate – and took one of the original arms to a car parts shop ..hmm, was it near Ramsgate? was at Herne Bay ..I’ll try to dig out the name of it in an hour or two.

    They had some wiper blades for, I think, and old MG (..MG midget, perhaps..) which matched the originals exactly. So I think I bought two.

    Anyway, the best thing – I found – is to use plenty of WD40 to loosen the metal blades off the metal serrated ‘stubs’ which stick out just above each windscreen, slowly but steadily pull, and the wiper arms should pull right off ..though you MAY have to squeeze just BENEATH the top of the arms to release a metal catch which may hold them onto the serrated stub.

    Then just hunt at car spares shops – preferably specialist shops which hold stocks of wiper arms for ‘vintage’ cars such as old Morris Minors of MGs – and you should be able to buy a set. Buy MORE than you need ..just in case!

    David Babsky

    Found it! ( promised..) I got my latest blades/wiper arms at Rudolphs:
    Address: 107 Sea St, Herne Bay CT6 8QU
    Phone:01227 375207 8:30am-6pm weekdays ..can’t remember about Saturdays.

    After you’ve pulled off the original arm(s) you’ll have to measure it/them, and then you could try PHONING Rudolphs and describing your arms in detail, and they’ll say whether they (still) have them or not (Google for them as “Rudolphs car spares Herne Bay”.

    Oh, by the way – Hi to Robin, just above! Hope you’re both well!


    Hi I bought this summer two stainless steel blades from eBay which fit the flat end of the arm (I think it was called a bayonet fitting) 7mm wide I had to bend the arm a little closer two the screen but it all seems to work fine.
    Bought from for £13.95


    I’ve used these 14″ wipers (‘Torkarblad, rostfritt’) from Biltema (s/n 258917) successfully as replacements on my NC35 with some minor adjustment at the attachment end:

    … about a fiver each.



    Not sure this answers your request. On my 33 (#483) I only change the wiper blades, not the arm laying between the motor axis and the blade.
    Blades are 40 cm long (15 inches) and are attached to the arm through an extremely standard clipping part, so extremely standanrd that in French supermarket this is the only clip found for not recent cars.
    3 years ago I bough some expensive ones made of stainless steel but with very poor rubber quality. A year after I moved to cheaper supermarket type, much cheaper though rust stains invaded the window and the varnish under it, easily cured with owalic acid.
    Nowadays I keep the metalic stanless steal part and interchange the rubber part, a very easy task.

    Back in 2011 I found the part around one axis a bit loose. I removed the arm, wrapped the axis with very thin steel (ss), mounted the arm with 6 female sides (called BTR) and the trick was done.

    WD40 is not entirely satisfactory to protect metal, WD stands for water dispersant, not for metal greasing. I clean with WD40 and then use petroleum jelly.

    Roger Sturge

    Hi Rose-Anne

    Attached a photo of a 14″ blade which I bought at Force 4 as replacements for mine. I then had to replace the motors so the blades are redundant. If you would like to try therm I can mail them (I’ll need your address) to you – donation to charity if you wish.

    Roger Sturge

    Roger Sturge


    I think my last posting didn’t manage to pick up the attachment. Try again.

    Roger Sturge


    Yes please Roger. I would very much like your wiper blades.
    My address is
    Mylor Yacht Harbour
    Mylor Churchtown
    Falmouth Cornwall
    TR11 5UF

    I’m sorry that I have taken so long gone to reply. I hope that someone else hasn’t already snapped them up
    Rosey Briggs

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