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    New RAY55E fitted today, already fitted new Metz aerial and cable.

    Disappointed to find that on 4, not particularly popular, channels (5,20,62,82) there is interference. Intereference disappears when the navigation instuments inc. GPS are switched off. VHF mounted in the usual 331 location stbd side rear panel of the wheel house.

    Anyone one had similar issues and fixed them ?



    The answer = faulty Glomex RA201 AIS aerial splitter 🙁 Off to get replacement under warranty.

    Dr Jorg Taubel

    I had bad quality reception problems that I solved by replacing the existing dirty connector on the line (sse attached picture) with a 75 ohm connector, actually an impedance problem.
    This connector was there to allow for mast being brought down (is dismasted the correct word)

    Actually this connector was there for TV antenna but I am confident you’ll get similar problems with VHF antenna.


    VHF installation now sorted with, new 55E, Metz aerial, new cables throughout, easy split OCB (manufacturer  Weatherdock gmbh), Ray AIS650. All appears to be working fine, reception/transmission is very good 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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