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Teak Decks – Synthetic ?

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    Our teak deck will need to be renewed in the near future, and we are thinking of a synthetic rather than a real teak replacement.  Obviously we shall have to consider costs and maintenance and we should also like to keep a “natural” teak look.

    We welcome good advice on suppliers and yards available in the Mediterranean area, since Tristan II is now in Almerimar and we are planning to keep her in the Med area – Ionic sea.

    Kind regards,

    Tristan II


    Hi Tristan II,

    We have just fitted dek-king to the aft deck of our steel motorboat we keep in France, I will try to attach a couple of pics.
    You do need a lot of planning for this and a reasonable amount of skill in fitting, we made up a 10 lead weights and still needed more to do 2 (X3) planks a day. Shade is also needed as the adhesive’s tend to tack off after about 10 mins in high temperatures.

    We think the final effects look good, cheaper option than teak, (about £1300 for our aft deck) but don’t underestimate the work involved. You can get pre-made panels but these would need to be small enough to glue down in the space and time constraints of the adhesives.

    We found dek-king helpful with advice particularly when ordering, we sent them a approximate plan of sizes and they did the calculations of materials.

    If I can help further let me know.

    Smokey Cat

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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