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Tacking a NC33 Ketch in lighter winds?

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    Wondering if I can get some advice from other owners on the secrets of getting my NC 33 to come about in lighter breezes. Seems my only success to date to is to: 1 fall off from close hauled to a close reach and try and build up more momentum for the tack, 2 backwind the jib, ease the main and mizzen and wait patiently for the old girl to make her way through the wind.

    Should I even be using the main when sailing upwind? should I even be using the Mizzen? I have a self tacking staysail that I have jet to try – maybe it would come in handy.

    Any experience would be appreciated.

    Todd (Hull#1032 lying USA)


    I’ll be very, very honest: I’m using the bow prop below force 3…. We have fitted it with a separate battery I te front of the ship, so no harm to batteries done. Just an extra swing…
    Over 3 I’m using exactly the tactics you describe, most of the time it works if you don’t loose too much speed…
    But may be I can learn from someone else as well…
    Kind regards,
    Bob van der Winden, Marken, Netherlands


    Keep the mizzen sheeted in hard, likewise the main, with some way one put down the helm, don’t touch the jib till through the winds eye, keep the jib backed then shift when wind indicator shows 30 deg , ease the main ease the mizzen then gradually harden up .
    Your not on a skimming dish and using the bowthruster is allowed, enjoy your sailing


    Hi I agree with the above but I haven’t had to use my thruster yet. The manual that came with the boat recommended putting the engine on. The first thing I did when I bought the boat was to buy new sails and I am sure that the stiffer, better shaped sails must have made a huge positive difference to the lack of tacking described by the previous owner.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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