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    The previous owner of my NC33 (1978) had the standing and running rigging replaced but I don’t think he put the jigsaw back together properly. Ignoring the fact that all my halyards and topping lifts are the same colour I am certain some aren’t doing the right job. For example, when I took over the boat there was a wire attached by a shackle to the stern post eye bolt. This wire went to the mizzen top where it was attached to a halyard. Clearly it couldn’t stay where it was because the mizzen boom would be obstructed. I had a blinding flash shaving, I think it is meant to be the brace from the top of the mizzen to the top of the main mast. Currently this is a rope of the same dimensions as all the halyards. I think this rope is supposed to be a staysail halyard. Does that sound more likely.

    My mizzen topping lift is nothing more than string – what size rope would be best?

    My mizzen halyard comes out of the base of the mast on the starboard side and immediately gets restricted by the uper helm engine control.

    etc. etc.

    If there is an NC33 owner based in the western Solent or Dorset areas and is willing to give me a guided tour of their rigging I would greatly appreciate it. I am going to try to get to the tech weekend but fear I will have to be in furthest west Wales collecting my son from a research project on Skomer Island (lucky whatsit!)

    Any advice welcome.




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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