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    Hi there,

    I’ve just got an Ipad and have been playing with some of the boating apps available.  Its got a GPS receiver in it, but some apps also require a 3G signal which is variable even in the Solent.  Below I list my favourite that I think provide valuable secondary or even primary information for short or longer range cruising.  I always start with Navtex weather or Paper charts but gradually have become reliant on the Chartplotter,  I wonder if soon I will be using the Ipad as a primary device ?

    Navionics Charts Bargain price of £20ish for the UK and Channel, including updates.  Excellent back up in case the chartplotter packs in as on an independent battery. Tides included (7 days in advance).  There is a community layer included now so you can see recommendations and corrections from other people.  Wind forecast also overlaid on the chart.  Not tested it outside of 3G area, but think it still works.  Works on Iphone, IPAD & Android

    Boatie  Useful tool for basic navigation, weather forecast (inshore, shipping and synoptic charts), Tides (low and high water),  Tidal streams on the Ipad only,  then basic reference material similar to the front pages of the almanac.  I think the tidal streams are a useful cross check to the Admiralty charts. Works on Iphone, IPAD & Android

    WeatherPro  To my mind this is the best weather tool out there – huge number of options, you can see satellite imagery etc – oh and the forecasts seem pretty accurate as well.  Works on Iphone, IPAD & Android

    MobileGrib – does what is says on the tin.  Provides grib files (Wind, Pressure, Precipitation, Humidity, Temperature and cloud cover) for intervals of 3/6/12 or 24 hours and at various resolutions.  Displays them on a googlemap.  Works on Iphone, IPAD & Android 

    Marine Traffic – just for fun this one as I suspect it is not updated real time – displays the AIS broadcasts of any boat anywhere in the world.  You can zoon in and get all the details about the vessel and its voyage.  Works on Iphone, IPAD & Android

    Does anyone else have any useful recommendations ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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