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Sliding door lock nauticat 33

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    Dan Smith

    Can anyone help with identifying the make, manufacturer or supplier of the wheelhouse sliding door lock. I need a replacement or a similar lock that would be an appropriate replacment.
    Regards Dan

    David Babsky

    The sliding door locks were made by Schwepper [ ] who have been *fairly* helpful when I’ve enquired about getting extra keys cut, but I ended up getting similar ones cut closer to home by Steve, the boatbuilder, at Ramsgate harbour.

    If Schwepper can’t supply IDENTICAL replacement locks, they can probably supply SIMILAR ones (slightly more recent versions).

    – David.


    Hi if the above does not work these chaps are the best for marine door furniture

    If it opens to the home page image number 6 might serve if not there are 22 further pages to trawl through?

    Dan Smith

    Great Thank you for your prompt reply…Have sent an email.

    Roger Sturge

    My local security/locksmith easily repaired our locks when the became increasingly difficult to lock/unlock. The internal mechanism seems to be a fairly conventional lock.


    Dan –
    When I needed a key, almost every local locksmith that I asked was unable to locate blanks. (And tHere are a lot of local key shops and locksmiths in metro Detroit). Then the starboard door could be locked and unlocked only from the inside.
    Fred’s Key Shop, on Second Ave.,in Detroit, Michigan, had the blank and had a guy (an old, old school locksmith) who fixed the lock mechanism, quickly and correctly. The cost was nominal, with no “marine hardware” premium.
    Sourcing parts, services, and craftspeople to fix and refit a 32 year old boat has led me to stranger places. Good luck with yours. Hopefully you too can find a local old, old school locksmith. And there is always Fred’s.
    – Bruce
    The Boat of Laughter and Forgetting
    1989 Nauticat 33, HN 1072.


    Sorry, I missed this question thus my late answer.
    I found strictly identical locks at german shipshandler, I just had to browse through their entire catalog (available on request).
    As of keys, 10 years ago my locksmith on the local market could supply me usable spares. Latter he could only supply approximate blank keys that I tailored to my model using files and plaster mould and time. An easy job.
    Sometime the port side sliding door would only open if I violently lift it up and move it backbaward.
    Yes, the problem lied inside the lock itself and I’ll follow Robert Sturge advice to have a local smithy inspect it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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