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Silencer on NC 42

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    The stainless steel silencer fitted to our 42 (No7 built 1995) is beginning to fail through rust. The thing is 9in high and 8in diameter and is fitted to the back of the gearbox by a plate. The question is do Nauticat make them themselves and if so do the have any left or if they now fit a commercial product who makes it?
    Response from Nauticat:
    You asked about the exhaust silencer onboard your NC-42.  The silencer is made here at the yard, but since your boat has been built, we have started using GRP silencers made with vinyl resin, which we also make here at the yard.  Without a photo showing the original installation, I can not tell, does the GRP silencer fit the existing place, but if it doesn´t, we can always make a similar stainless one.  If you want to, I can give you a quote for both, but a photo would be nice to have before that.
    best regards
    Veli Kärjä
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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