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Sail replacement: Vectron, Tour Ultra, North sails, etc. – Experiences??

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    Good afternoon, Our sails are due for a replacement in the not too distant future.

    We’ve been looking at quotes from various suppliers and I was wondering what experience anyone has had with non-dacron sails.

    The chap at North Sails assures me that many Nauticat owners have bought sails from them including their Tour Ultra laminate ( from my research Vectron gets great reviews.

    I thought I’d get some feedback here…

    Any thoughts welcomed!

    victor crowhurst

    I have used Arun sails, Bosham for two cruising chutes, Spinaker and sail bag and genoa sock, Ivan Bole was always very helpful, although he’s mow retired, I suspect the company wants to keep up it’s good customer relations. Discount available where applicable.

    Trevor Rose

    As Nauticat are Motor Sailors there is little point in buying high performance and expensive sails.We have been very satisfied with our purchases from Jekalls of Wroxham.Well made sails,great shape,good service and modestly priced.They will measure the boat and deliver the sails
    Trevor Rose N37 Nomad of Broughton


    I went through this exercise back in 2010 with my Nc39, a pilot house yacht and not the motorsailor range. I spent a day at the Soton Boat Show talking to all the various sailmakers and getting quotes. Although not all of them attend.

    Finally went with Peter Sanders of Lymington and with Hood Vektron cloth for both the Main and Genoa. As I was moored in Lymington at the time Peter came and measured the boat himself which gave me a higher level of confidence. He was cheaper than both the quotes from North and Hood. After 8 years they are still in great condition and set very well.

    I know of one Nc40 owner who has also replaced his sails with Vektron sails using the same sailmaker. He is not a member of the association.

    Best of luck

    Paul Evans
    Nc39 Schuss


    Thanks Paul, I’ve seen much of the same thoughts on YBW re the material and Peter Sanders so good to hear from someone who’s had them for some time!

    Should have mentioned that we’re an N42 so on the sailing side rather than motoring. Thanks for your and everyone else’s feedback.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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