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    After reading the article on Rocna anchors in the latest Yachting Monthly, I decided it was time to check on my own.  I am relieved to say that I am alright.  I have a 20Kg anchor and neither the 15 or the 20Kg anchors were involved.  Furthermore all suspect anchors in the UK are believed to have been traced and exchanged.

    I hope this is accurate (it came from the original supplier (marketing Components International) and if so then Yachting Montly appear not to be fully informed.


    I thought the YM article was rather alarmist because it probably put most people off ever buying a Rocna.

    I got one one of the first ones into the UK when the distributor was based in Ireland for the British Isles.

    I have a 15kg one on my NC321. It replaced the lovely stainless Bruce one supplied by Nauticat. However I got the Rocna because I had two bad experiences with the Bruce and in general found it very difficult to set in typical places like Studland Bay, Osborne Bay, Newtown Creek.

    Getting the Rocna was a revelation because of the speed of setting and the incredible holding. I do not understand why boat builders don’t fit these moderrn style anchors on all boats.

    I also have a New Zealand made device at the other end of the boat, a KiwiProp. This is another great item – a lightweight plastic feathering prop which transformed how my boat handles when in reverse and also gives at least half a knot extra boat speed when sailing.


    I am not surprised that you found the Bruce to be unreliable.  We had one briefly in Greece and soon discarded it.  We found that it would not cut through weed and when it had set, it would not reset when the wind came from another direction.  We also found it’s spoon shape to have a major disadvantage, for it’s tendency to spoon up boulders – you try lifting your anchor, chain and big boulder – we had to call for outside help.

    I understood the Bruce to have been designed for use on oil rigs, where it was fine, but a fixed platform is no comparison with a boat!

    We changed then to a Delta, which was fine, but we find the Rocna is superb

    I notice that you have a Kiwi prop fitted and find it works.  We too considered this, but felt the engineering quality of the Nauticat did not go with a plastic prop.  We therefore have fitted a Bruntons and since our boat is in Greece and it was fitted over this winter we have not yet tried it out.  We went that direction, as my son has fitted one to his Bavaria 42 (also in Greece) and it literally has revolutionised his boats handling.  Going astern is longer a lottery and for stopping one almost needs safety belts on.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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