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Rigging replacement

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    Alasdair Woodfield

    Hi Nauitcaters,

    My 2006 331 has been very little used of late, but with an eye on it’s age I am beginning to wonder about rigging replacement. I did have a rigger look at the boat when it was approaching 10 years old, & I climbed up the mast last spring to take a look, finding nothing amiss.

    I have read on several other yachting forums suggestions that rigging be replaced every 10 years !! I have confirmed with my insurer that they are ok without an inspection/replacement at present.

    Has anyone had their rigging replaced or got quotes for replacement ?

    Regards, Alasdair

    Bob Gosling

    Hello Alasdair

    I bought a 331 five years ago built in 2000 that had the original standing rigging which, in the surveyor’s view, needed replacement. The seller and I agreed to split the cost and that, I think, was £1500 each but it’s easy to get an estimate. The masts removal and replacement was £480, so not exactly a low cost exercise.
    There is a good article in the latest Yachting Monthly,(September) page 44, Practical Seamanship, Number1, entitled Rigging Checks. It concludes: “Checking rigging is not a function of a specific amount of time, rather the real-world conditions your boat has experienced.”

    Good luck

    Bob Gosling


    Hello Alasdair,

    I own Miss Nauti, a NC331 built in 2001 and have decided to replace the standing rigging as I have no record that it has been replaced since build. I too have been advised that 10 years is the recommended life of standing rigging. Whilst the rigging may look sound, fatigue is an insidious problem and even if the boat is sitting alongside, the rigging is constantly loaded with wind loads etc. So for peace of mind, I am going ahead this winter: My cost estimates are:

    316 1 x 19 SS wire rigging: £1687
    Labour: £360
    Mast Lift and Replace Crane Charge: £528

    This is at Portland Marina. Not cheap by I prefer to know my boat is properly seaworthy in the mast/rigging department.

    It will be interested to hear what you are quoted.

    All the best

    Bill Fernie
    Miss Nauti

    Mark Ashley-Miller

    Hi All,
    An interesting post.
    My 331 Good Dog is 2005.
    My insurers (Admiral) have told me they want a Standing Rigging Check by 2020 – so 15 years.
    I am having one done now at Ardfern Boat Yard and await the outcome.
    What I am not sure is what is within the prices above – just the shrouds / forestay – or every piece of metal – e.g. the pins on the main and mizzern sheets.
    One bit of running rigging that has got worn on my 331 is the Triatic Stay (rope connecting the top of the Mizzern mast to the top of the Main mast).
    I will keep this post “posted”!

    Piers Covill

    Bill you need to factor in terminals and swages, bottle screws and clevis pins.

    Alasdair Woodfield

    Thanks everyone for the input.

    I have replaced the Triatic Stay once and I’m planning to replace again in the spring. No signs of wear, just discolouration and possible UV degradation.



    Hi Piers,

    All included.



    Hi I’m a newbie with a NC33 (1981) and wondered has anyone replaced the main boom outhaul?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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