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Rigging attachment points

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    Dear All,

    I often see posts about stern decks on wheelhouse models rumoured to be “lifting”. I do not think there is any documented owner saying that this has actually happened.

    However just in case on my Nauticat 38 (1986) when I purchased her I did a lot of work, and while I was doing other work, I had the headlining down. So it seemed to make sense to strengthen the attachment points just in case.

    I’ve just found the photographs I took at the time so thought I would lodge them into the forum.

    If anyone has experienced lifting decks it would be useful to know which model and year of production,



    Trevor Doran

    Yes they do! We had trouble with that on our Nauticat 38 that we had some years ago. We had it cured by having the tiny backing plates under the deck (stripping ot the entire heads to do the job).


    When I purchased my 33 mk2 (1990) just over 2 years ago, my surveyor paid particular attention to check for this. The boat passed with flying colours.
    I subsequently found out that I had a serious leak through the davit fixings which were bolted through the aft deck. I believe that these must have been retro fitted. On inspection, no backing plate had been fitted so the bolts were pulling through the unreinforced deck. I had to remove them, make good the deck, redrill the holes, fit back plates and replace the davits. Now leak free!
    My deck fortunately had not lifted. I don’t think that davits had had much use. I did, however, discover that although at first glance it appeared that the headlining could be easily removed, the panels nearest the hull were fixed behind the curtain pelmet. Luckily I have small hands!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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