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Replacing Solent autopilot system – what is hydraulic cylinder ram size (cc)?

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    John Matthews

    I would be interested if anyone has experience to share on replacing an original Solent Autopilot in a 1980 NC33. I have just purchased this boat and am looking at fitting a Raymarine Evolution Autopilot. This required a calculation of the hydraulic cylinder ram size to get the right size hydraulic pump. Anyone done the same thing or decided on a better system?


    My 1994 Nc 39 was fitted with a Autohelm 300, Autohelm ST6000, and a type 2 hydraulic pump and ram when she was built. I am not sure what size the ram is.

    I upgraded the electronic boxes to the latest Raymarine autopilot this year. ACU 400, EV1, two P70s, rudder reference unit, and SeatalkNG backbone.

    As the Type 2 pump and drive were working fine I took the decision not to change these. My hydraulic systems on the boat have always worked fine since buying the boat


    I have a nc33 from 1978. The rudder cylinder is from Tenfjord 850.
    I assume that the size is 225cc
    Since 2015 i have a ev-1 from raymarine. That worked well.
    We sailed from the Netherlands to Norway with it.
    This spring i replaced the pump for a raymarine type 1 pump.
    This worked well too, but i stayed up inland waters this year, so no experience on high waves with it so far.


    Copied from original Nauticat 33 Manual:

    “A Teleflex/Capilano hydraulic steering system, consisting of the following units, is standard:

    1. Steering pump (wheelhouse): Capilano 250V
    2. Steering pump (poop deck): Capilano 250V
    3. Uniflow connection valve: Uniflow 50
    4. Rudder cylinder: Teleflex BA 175/7 TM

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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