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Recommended Insurance Company for Nauticats?

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    Mark Ashley-Miller

    Hi All
    I have just bought a 331.
    I need to insure it.
    Any suggested companies please?

    Trevor Rose

    I find Saga to pay out on claims! Trevor Rose

    David Babsky

    When we bought our 33 – from Dr Vic – he suggested that we should continue with the insurance company which he used, and we have done.
    The company is Nautical Insurance of Leigh-on-Sea:

    I haven’t COMPARED their prices, or their speed of response, or their payouts, etc, with any other company, and I’ve never claimed for anything. But they’ve always been helpful when I’ve wanted to alter the policy ( add single-handed sailing, or extend the area of coverage, add a dinghy and outboard motor, etc..) and I think their fees are moderate – though I can’t remember offhand what they charge.

    ..Ah, here’s an old bill from 2014: Gross Premium £512.50. No Claims Bonus: -£128.13. Plus Insurance Premium Tax and Admin Fee; total: £427.43p.

    Looks reasonable to me. Other views – and premiums – may differ!



    victor crowhurst

    I would still give the same advice I gave to Dave Babsky. I’ve used Nautical Insurance Services for 30 years now. My current insurance premium for my 37 is £600 net after 25% NCB. £680 gross after IPT and £20 administration fee. I’ve had 2 claims in that time for sinking a trawler and bending some davits in the marina. No quibble over settling these. If any insurance co can beat that, please let me know.
    Vic Crowhurst

    David Babsky

    You sank a TRAWLER, Vic..?!!

    – David.



    We are supposed to get a 10% off Navigators and General insurance I negotiated while I worked at Zurich Insurance (their parent company). I still know the staff there and they are all boaty people. The link for fully paid up members is:

    10% off Navigators and General Insurance

    However, I note that people have reported elsewhere in the Forum that they are no longer the cheapest.

    All I’d say is negotiate very very hard on your first quote. After that any annual quotation increase will still be competitive. Changing insurance later is a pain as nearly all companies will require a recent survey. A survey after say 4 or 5 years will probably offset any reduction in premium achieved by moving.

    Good luck.





    Shop around I guess – but just a couple of points about my current search for an insurer for my newly acquired 33 Mk 2 :

    I am carrying over from my previous boat insurer and trying to continue to use GJW. So far so good but bear in mind that they will require a SURVEY and a VALUATION (probably an industry standard). As I don’t have a survey that is less than 10 years old I have had to have a new one completed. For insurance purposes the boat cannot be launched until this is done. This is now done and co-incidentally the completed Survey report was given to me today. So the next aspect is to review the recommendations and then determine to what extent you will have to achieve the corrective actions for the recommendations enclosed in the Survey (unless you have a perfect boat there are always recommendations !!!). So its a question of walking this through with the insurance company to their satisfaction. Good luck, Andy

    Piers Covill

    I insure through Pantaenius and whilst they may not be the cheapest, I have had a very good experience with them paying claims really quickly. I knocked a rudder off my Beneteau in Ireland a few years ago and (without a surveyor visiting) arranged shipment of a new rudder to Ireland and paid any bills incurred immediately. That gets my loyalty. Also they don’t get silly demanding surveys and new rigging every 10 years, and have a sensible new for old policy add-on if you want Worth a look.



    I am happy with Pantaenius, it is not so expensive, About 80 € for liability cover for a 331




    Pantaenius no longer allow NCB so my premium went from approx. 500 for the last boat to nearly !K for the new 321. So I have moved to admiral insurance for about £500

    Roger Sturge

    I missed this at the time but I’d like to add that I insure my 33 with GJW. They are substantially cheaper than other companies I’ve looked at (£268.27 this year) and they paid a claim very promptly and readily last year in spite of not claiming until Wild Cat was lifted out and damage for a grounding was exposed. Both over the phone and in their stand at the Southampton Boat Show they are very approachable and friendly.


    I also insured with GJW when I purchased my Nc39 back in late 2009. However I found that they repeatedly increased the premium each year by over the cost of inflation and I had not made any claims. When challenged they reduced the price to my last annual premium.

    I am now with Y Yacht insurance who I have found to be more competitive. Again never made any claims but they have had a good comments on various posts on the YBW forums. Shop around.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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