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Rallies and Cruising in 2013

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    As Cruising Secretary I am doing as much forward planning as possible for 2013 so that Members, if they wish, can incorporate the events they wish to attend into their holiday plans.

    The survey to elicit Members cruising wish list, conducted in July this year, was responded to by 14 boat owners and, apart from request for events close to home berths, there were 10 wanting a cross channel rally to be considered in June.

    In response to this I am working on a plan with Joel Rogale (our French Rep. ILKIVA in Cherbourg) for a Mid June 10 day come and go as you please rally around the Baie de la Seine. in order that those boats whose home berths are to the East of the Solent and on the East Coast would have a chance to take part in at least some of it (starting at Fecamp.). The plan would be a 2 night stay in each port, 1 day to get there and 1 day there. I still have to work out if we will be able to achieve this given that the ports Marinas are all tide bound.

    I am also planning some sort of cruise to include those whose holidays fall during the school term.

    An analysis of the location of the home berths shows where the clusters are (areas where there are more than 2 boats).

    The Solent                25

    South Coast West of the Solent     10

    South Coast East of the Solent (2) and the East Coast (16)     18

    Scotland                  16

    Western Med            5

    Eastern Med             5

    The Member’s Contact list on our website gives, in boat name alphabetic order, the Home berths of Members yachts and contact details.

    I am hampered by the absence of active volunteer area Secretaries on the East Coast and Scotland and elsewhere. If anybody can help here please let me know (

    Please let me know your views on this topic.

    John Claisse




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