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Props – fixed, feathering, folding?

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    I currently have a fixed 3 blade prop on my Nc39. When sailing if I lock the shaft my boat speed is around 0.75 to 1.0 knot slower then letting the prop shaft spin. So changing from a fixed bladed prop to a feathering or folding or another design has some attraction.

    Wandering around the Southampton Boat Show the other day and speaking to the various prop manufacturers and distribuators there is a fair number to choose from. All with advantages and disadvantages.

    I would be grateful of any comments and suggestions.

    How more efficient are they over a fixed prop?
    Easy to maintain and service?
    Initial installation?
    Best discounted price?

    Paul Evans


    Hi Paul
     I have a 321 to which I fitted a Kiwi Prop about 7 years ago. Highly
    recommended and very helpful service from Vectra Marine the UK

     – definitely sail faster with it. Also much better response in reverse.

    – every year have to grease it in 4 places. Also can just paint with
    normal anti-foul and it’s easy to clean up. No gears or anything to go

    – I had to get a spacer put on my gearbox coupler to make extra length
    on the prop shaft to keep my Stripper rope cutter. Nobody mentioned that
    as a potential issue until it came to installing the prop. So need to
    know the length of the shaft used by a new prop compared to existing

     – Only one price for Kiwi props £845 + vat for all sizes.

    I know various other people who have them all with no problem.



    Hi Paul,

    Fitted a 3 bladed Flex-o=Fold prop last year and as Steve says it makes a big difference to the sailing performance, it feels much smoother in ahead, but not so quick to stop the boat as my old fixed 3 blade.

    Perhaps not as good value as the Kiwi Prop!! I bought direct from Flex-O-Fold around  £1400.

    There are a number of comparisons on various sailing web sites and several sailing magazines have carried out tests.

    Good luck




    What power is your engine? I see that the Kiwi Prop is rated to 56hp only. I have a 33 with 90hp, so it seems the Kiwi won’t be any good – shame!


    321s only have 40hp at their disposal.
    I didn’t realise 56hp was the limit with the KiwiProp


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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