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    John Crump

    This message is posted on behalf of Ian Staples,

    The wiper blades on our Nauticat 39 were shot. I tried to track down their replacement with no luck.

    Then, a chum suggested going to Vetus. End result I bought spare blades from Vetus – Vitesse WBS 30 (305 mm long, slightly shorter than the old blades), drilled out the plastic connector, used the connection system on the old wiper blade and problem solved, economically and easily. I thought it was going to a real problem solving this.
    Original wiper blade


    Summit Racing in USA have the exact blades and are happy to send them to UK. It is possible to get only the arms or the whole assembly. If the arm is stuck onto the wiper spline I used a Dremel to carefully cut and prise apart the aluminium arm.

    Andrew Hollway

    Another source is PALynch, The Captains Locker. I sourced some from there for my 331. They needed some simple modification to make them fit. The part number is CQ10-41024 and they cost £4.58 each. Picture attached.

    Eric Aliamus

    Hi. Go on svb Marine site. References 32608 and 32753. That’s what I buy for my Nc38 from 2009.


    I, yearly, replace the 3 wiper blades on my NC33 MkII 1978, though I now only replace the rubber part of it as a good stainless steel holder (holder == the metallic part of the moving wiper blade) is not an easy to find even when paying too much.
    Exchanging only the rubber part can very easily be done using pliers and sliding the rubber out and then in.

    I find a proper rubber part (together with the holder, tha I discard) in any local supermaket. Original piece on NC33 is 40 cm long. When using a 45 cm one I have to turn it upside down (compulsory for the MID wiper).

    Paul Jepson

    Standard 15 inch wiper blades from any motor accessories outlet are easily fitted by removing the snap-in plastic clip and drilling out the central pin on the metal frame for the rubber blade. Photographs 2 and 1 in the first post show the fit. A very easy 5 minute job from start to finish. They cost about £5 each.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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