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New Carpets for 331

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    Any ideas for replacing carpets on 2001  Nauticat 331

    Roger Sheriff

    Also interested if you get any response



    Did you find a source ? Some while ago I approached Siltala, their comment was to source locally !!!



    We’re about to replace the carpets in our N38. I’ve done much research now and it seems 100% polyester while not as “nice” as a wool blend are much less prone to moulding and are very easily “washable”.

    Some recommend keeping hold of the existing carpet to use as a template (too late for us).
    Some recommend the use of Copydex along carpet edges once you’ve cut them to shape as this stops fraying (which is a big problem) and is completely transparent (hence invisible) once dry.
    Another consideration is what is under the fibres, holding them together. We got hold of some samples from “Coverdales” a UK classic car carper manufacturer and found that although otherwise perfect seeming carpet – the base was very prone to pulling apart under tension – and looks as though it would have very limited friction with the sole – necessitating some fixing studs – hence increasing tension in the carpet when walked on while heeling.
    So we’re now thinking that a bathroom 100% polyester carpet with a “rubbery” bottom surface is the way forwards. We’re hoping the rubbery bottom will grip the sole avoiding the need for “studs” and also keeping the carpet in place and under less strain.
    100% polyester carpet also happens to be the cheapest option usually, so if we make a mistake in the fitting (our first self carpet fitting experience) we can just buy another bit without worrying too much.
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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