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NC331 Deck replacement

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    Michael Edwards

    Hi Everyone. I am considering replacing the deck on my NC331 (2001) with “FlexiTeek” synthetic decking. I am a little concerned that this will not be in keeping with the boats class and style etc. Has any one done this or has any opinions or views to help me decide.

    New teak is not an option due to availability/cost and ethics.

    All replies gratefully received


    victor crowhurst

    I think you are doing the right thing. I presume the deck has deteriorated beyond sensible repair. It looks like Flexiteek can be preformed to the precise colour and shape you want and won’t fade. Do they also have the technology to replace teak rails?


    Hi I had flexiteak fitted to my powerboat in Portugal and it is a very good product – the upgrade will be fine for all the reasons you dont want to use teak – if you can get the boat to Porto in Portugual the agent and fitters there are terrific 👍 I will be passing there in my NC33 1986 in June hopefully Covid and weather permitting and will call in for a quote on mine.



    We are also interested in replacing the teak on our NC33 1978 with either cork or flexi.

    Richard, how much will it cost you for your NC33 ? We are based in France, so Portugal isn’t too far away. How long do you expect the work to take?

    Is flexi non-slip? Or is it as bad as teak? Also does it heat up as much in the sun?

    Many thanks



    I was going to do it, but due to travel restrictions I could not do it yet…but I have seen a few boats with it and is really nice.

    I am going to do it with a factory that produces it in Alicante, Spain. You cut the templates of your boat in vinyl and they cut them to size

    Here is their Instagram:

    kind regards

    NC33 Malujo

    Michael Edwards

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Its always encouraging to get positive views. Seems like a good idea to do this, I’ll let you know how it goes. Not sure I can get to Spain or Portugal for this work, most likely the UK.

    Just for your reference I have an initial quote of 9k but I am hoping this will be closer to 8k once the detailed inspection takes place next week. It’s worth mentioning that on our NC331 the forward coach roof is not clad.

    Abigale, see below NC cork deck project

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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