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Nauticat33 mk1 replace cutlass bearing on beach!!!

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    I have a cutlass bearing destroyed itself and now need to replace it whilst beached otherwise I’ll cause an awful lot of damage on my return to safe hauling out home – its a good 9hrs away!
    have dived it with scuba gear and measurements are 160mmx55mm (I think although I do see they do a bearing of 160x 2 1/8inch which is 53.975mm hope its not latter)
    Several people have taken a look and although nobody thinks its a great idea its been agreed possible, probably best to remove prop shaft from gear coupling given the fact the cutlass bearing probably been there for 30/40 years
    general consensus was find somebody who has done one or has any idea which method easiest
    and best place to get a new bearing at least with that in my hand I’ll be able to start getting pullers and stuff to help with removal
    Any ideas would be appreciated on this site or email or text/call 07788414777
    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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