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Nauticat 42 Standing Rigging Replacement

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    Micheal Carolin

    Hi All

    I’m looking to replace my standing rigging on my Nauticat 42. This is a project postponed from pre-covid when I received two quotes. Having now received updates I find the price has increased 100% which has caught me fairly flat-footed. The quotes are from the Ionian side of Greece.

    Has anyone else had a rigging replacement done recently on a 42?
    Is 15k euro a fair price for the work?

    Thanks for your help Micheal C

    Stuart Armstrong

    Hi Michael, Had our N42 rigging surveyed in October 23 and quoted for a full re-rig including turnbuckles from a local rigger on the west of Scotland.

    The quote was £5000 + VAT.

    €15k sounds very steep.



    Ian Staples


    That seems a lot. We are replacing our mast, a chunk of rigging to get rid of in mast reefing and install single line slab reefing. The work is being done in May by Hemisphere Rigging, Plymouth. I like and trust Neil and his team. A couple of prices are being finalised but it’s probably a total of £ 20,000, maybe a bit higher if we go the electric slab reefing winch route but the biggest cost is a new mast. I’m happy sharing the detailed pricing with you in a couple of weeks. Ian S

    Micheal Carolin

    Hi Ian & Stuart

    Thanks for your quick replies. I think I’ll be looking for another rigger. Not a lot of choice where I am so maybe on the move this year. The UK might be a bit far and I’d like to stop in Spain so somewhere in between maybe.

    Fair winds
    Micheal C

    Piers Covill

    Hi Michael

    I had the standing rigging and much of the running rigging replaced on the main mast only of my NC43 in Gosport Uk with proper Selden terminals and bottle screws etc and it was about £14400 inc VAT. Material costs have sky rocketed.

    Micheal Carolin

    Hi Piers The estimate for my running rigging was 3000 euro (that’s special code for about 6k)

    The material costs are double and more those in the earlier quotes and they don’t even compare with costs in AUS. I’m a little gobsmacked at it all so will look elsewhere i think.
    Cheers MC


    Hi Michael. The cost for renewing the running rigging & some mast accessories on my N33 at Hayling Yacht in 2022 was £3400 inc VAT. Carl Suffield

    Tom Murray

    Apart from the forestay replacing rigging is not difficult. You could do it yourself. Once the mast is lowered take off each stay and mark what it is. Go to a chandlery and they can make new ones for you. You could most likely reuse the bottlescrews.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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