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Nauticat 38 Calorifier.

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    Hi All
    After removing the gas Geyser water heater and the four burner stove(both had pilot light ignition that in the view of the insurance company were high risk) and installed a new cooker (Plastimo Neptune) and the Calorifier under the forward seat in the main cabin, Got hot water now at all points but have yet to connect the engine cooling system into the coil in the calorifier,
    The engine is the Ford Sabre 6 cylinder 120HP.
    Any clues as to the location of suitable take off points on the engine to connect the hoses?  I have found a recessed plug just aft of the heat exchanger
    for a possible 3/8th  BSP tail fitting, where is the other please?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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