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Nauticat 331; windscreen wipers

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    Andrew Hollway

    Can anyone advise where I can find replacement wiper blades and arms for a Nauticat 331. Also, how to remove the wiper arms.
    Andrew Hollway


    Hello. Sorry about delay in replying to your post, but I’ve had trouble finding it on the website, until now. I bought new wiper blades for my 2009 Nauticat 331 at Force 4, Hamble. I think you would get arms there too. I took one of the old blades in and they matched it to one of the types they had in stock. Very helpful staff. You just have to be careful to get the hinge fitting correct. Good luck. Andrew Bell

    Andrew Hollway

    Thanks Andrew. I’ll give that a try. All my previous enquiries to identify the blades and arms have failed to find anything.

    Piers Covill

    Also you can get them from Asap
    supplies. They have lots on their website or you can take to their store in Fareham and they will help match them up.

    Andrew Hollway

    Thanks Piers for the advice. I got another tip and found suitable blades from P.A.Lynch and, with a little tweaking, they fit. For anyone interested, the website is <;.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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