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Nauticat 331 – Sprayhood

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    John Crump

    Has anyone experience with a cockpit spray hood fitted to Nauticat 331? C&J Marine market one that may be seen at: Picture attached. We saw one today fitted to “Full Circle” berthed in Clarence Marina.
    It does not look aesthetically pleasing but it could make the cockpit much more cosy! What do members think?
    John Crump


    Hi John,
    Not the answer you wanted but as a former naval architect and owner of a + 500 series N33, I think it is a bit of a lost cause. As an evolved design based on a Baltic fishing boat hull, the design does not lend itself to a spray hood but does benefit from the interior steering position albeit not a great view when bouncing around. Personally I find the high aft deck not the safest place to be in a chop and while we all prefer to be outside, this great boat cannot satisfy every requirement. If you find a solution I would be glad to hear about it. Right now here on the Med I am trying to sort out a Bimini which is not easy on a boat with a low mizzen boom and canoe stern! I have wide (deep ?) mizzen cover with snap fasteners to which I will try to attach triangular side pieces and spread it out like wings. Watch this space! Cheers, Ned N33 521.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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