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Nauticat 33 Users Manual and or Engine Service Manual around 1987

Yachting Home Forums Nauticat 33 Users Manual and or Engine Service Manual around 1987


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    Good Morning Gentleman/Ladies

    I have just joined your association 🙂 and I am due to be picking up my boat (my first boat) which is a N33 1987 from Heiligenhafen Germany on 31/7/13……5 days time I feel like a kid a christmas lol.
    Does any one have a users manual and or a engine manual for around this period?
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Ben Reeve
    Nicholas Muir

    Hello Ben
    Did you ever get these manuals. If you did have you got them scanned in a file you can send me?
    Nick Muir


    Hi Ben
    What engine do you have ? I have Ford Lehman 90 ( it’s a Ford Dorset marinised) lots of manuals available on the internet, Lancing Marine are very helpful, spares available from ASAP supplies ( gaskets impellers filters etc, delivered next day if you order early,
    If this is your first boat, change the fuel filters, oil filters, oil in both engine and gearbox ( Shell Rimula for engine and ATF for gearbox and the impeller if it’s been lying for a while. Anodes in heat exchanger and refill with 50/50 antifreeze and water. Do that and you should be good to go, have a good trip

    Christopher Ham

    Hi, I don’t yet own a N.C. 33. My enquires are in the investigation stages prior to deciding on a motorsailer.

    Nicholas Muir

    Graham’s advice is bang on. I would also descale the raw water heat exchangers and check that none of the rubber hoses have not gone hard. This is not difficult but you may want to get a mechanic to do it for you. The descaler you want is called Rydlyme, you can read up on the net.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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