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    Hi all,

    I am in the throes of buying my first Nauticat, a 33 dating back to 1979. She is therefore one of the earliest with the full aft deck and outside helm. I am looking forward to the survey and sea trial but since the moderator of this forum has asked me to try a post I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask owners for details of any “foibles” they think I should look for. These aren’t going to be deal breakers just the sort of thing that an old lady may suffer and might be high on my list of things to deal with once I take over.

    Whilst here I will also test the ability to add a link to the post. The following may take you to my flickr pages and specifically a set of photos of my current boat – two large engines and no rags! I am returning to sailing after years of motor boating with a growing family. They have grown up and I can please myself again! Anyone wanting to go the other way just give me a call 07973724801, a bargain at £29,950. A motorboat with class, comfort, true seagoing capabilities and a history – what more could you want, apart from the rags of course?!

    Just in case the link above doesn’t work, but it looks like it will, the URL is

    My compliments to the moderator in setting up such a professional forum. I look forward to many posts from members and will read them with great interest as the new chap on the block.

    Many thanks


    I suddenly thought that I might be breaking a rule by including reference to selling my boat so please ignore the above if I have.




    The link works – good pictures.



    Just a two remarks from somebody who bought an 81 Nauticat 33 in 2003, and still loves her.
    – Check if the breathers of the diesel tanks are at risk of getting water were it salty or not. It ruined some of my summer trips until I positioned them under the roof, on each side.
    – If you like sailing, envisage to replace the actual propeller by a maxprop or similar. When sailing upwind, or motoring reverse you’ll find the difference.
     Apart from that she’s a wonderful boat, allowing to keep ladies on board longer (for those who wish, of course)
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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