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Nauticat 33 1984 vs 1991

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    Hi guys. I am currently seeing two nauticats. One is 1984 and one is 1991. The 1991 does not have a deck at the back and the 1984 got a raised aft cabin and nice outside deck (I am from sunny Malta). I noticed but not sure… That the 1984 cat rolls a bit more when one moves from port to starboard side… Is this just my impression or it a known fact that the 1984 rolls more than the 1991 version? And suggestions on which to choose from your experiance? Thank you!

    David Babsky

    Hi. There are many different types – different designs – of Nauticats. The early ‘Classic’ 33 models didn’t have a raised aft deck, but the later all glass fibre 33 and 331 models did ..or rather, do.

    But other models – of similar lengths to those “cruising” motor-sailors – were designed as specifically *SAILING* yachts, rather than 50/50 motor-sailors. The keels vary between models, and the sail plan varies between models.

    It’s like Fords. There are many different models of “Ford” cars, although they all have the name “Ford”.

    With a bit more specific info, you should be able to look up the differences online, but with just the generic info ‘1984’ and ‘1991’ ..that isn’t sufficiently detailed, sorry, to give a better response.

    David Babsky

    ..Search, for instance, for “images Nauticat” and you’ll see all sorts of shapes as well as sizes.

    Look at the old Nauticat company website, for example:
    and there you’ll see all sorts of different yachts which are all called “Nauticat”!

    Some are ‘ketch’ rigged (with two masts), some are ‘Bermudan’ rigged (single mast), some have a raised aft deck and an enclosed wheelhouse, some have an open cockpit.

    The various descriptions of the different models are on that page.

    – David.


    Rolling depends of the type of keel. Long keel, normaly in older models until 199? have this keel. It’s not bad, rolls without wind or without sails but sailongs is like a train cuting waves. Nauticat 33 MkII (maybe 1991) has a mix between fin keel and long keel, sails better using wind and rolls less, but rolls more than a modern sailboat with a 2m fin keel. Maybe in Malta is more important the aft cockpit than the rolling. Imegine you mooring from inside the cabin.

    I have a 1993 Nauticat 33 also in the Mediterranean sea.

    Best regards


    Thanks… As far as I know both keels are the same… so it must be one had tender on davids and filled with water and the other one that rolled more had none and less water and fuel in tanks. Thank you all for you input.


    Hi Guys, the 1984 version is winning at the moment 🙂

    However, owner says it got a blister on the keel side of the boat… and he says its not osmosis as it was checked by a surveyor but does not have anythign in writing. They say its just filled with water and not acidic osmosis water…

    the other thing is he says he spots some drips of rusty water when ashore from the aft side of the keel… he said he contacted nauticat and they said its nothing alarming… might be some small water ingress into the keel that rusted the iron filings in the keel.

    I am to see all this when its ashore but would like to ask your opinion about the two issues on the hull.


    Posting on behalf of David Babsky:

    No idea, sorry; only YOU can tell when it’s ashore and you inspect it yourself. If it’s just a ‘blister’ it could be rubbed down, filled and re-painted around that area.

    The water dripping from the keel? I couldn’t say: you’d have to examine it carefully yourself.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help. You’d really need to get a competent surveyor to look at it out of the water and then give you a clear opinion. That’s what we did before buying ours, and that’s really your best course of action.


    Thank you for your feedback.


    Hi guys, i am seeing the boat. I love the boat but it got blisters on the hull. Considering they are well build… Should it put me off the sale? Thank you all for your help. Pictures attached. They are only 2 big blusters and they dont worry me much… As i can repare them by grinding, drying and filling. Its more the pox type. Boat is on the hard for one week now. The water in the small blusters does not smell of vinegar.

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