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N33 renovation – affordable dry storage and berth between Southampton and Poole

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    Hi, my name is Tim Matthews and I should have just completed the purchase of Spetter, a Nauticat 33 mk1 together with a time limited mooring . Sadly the vendor has at the last minute altered the terms of our agreement and withdrawn the mooring, so before I complete I need to figure out an alternative solution. Long story short, Spetter is moored in Eling, on the edge of Southampton . It is a very small and harbour with a significant tidal range, drying in parts , although the bed is soft estuarine mud . The boat was moored alongside an old steel commercial fishing vessel in the same ownership and approximately a year ago, storm Dennis broke the fishing boat free of it’s mooring which promptly smashed into Spetter and effectively sank her. If anyone wants to play “spot the submerged nauticat” , google map Eling Harbour click on to satellite view and you should find her (or copy and paste the link below). The photo is thankfully out of date, as she is afloat albeit requiring a complete renovation. My plan was to find a yard somewhere to lift her out onto a cradle and get her undercover so I can make a start and at the appropriate time head back to Eling to finish off and ultimately retain the berth there for a couple of years (which was part of our original agreement). are at this point, the only yard who seem to be able to help, with a diy workshop poly tunnel idea although it is £495/month . I’m waiting on them for a price for storage in their yard in the open and for a mooring. If anyone has any other suggestions which might help I’d be really pleased to hear from you. I have tried Hythe, Marchwood, Key Haven and researched many others. I’m based in Ringwood so can reach anywhere from Southampton to Poole without too much trouble. Eling was handy as it is only a 20 minute drive away and with 23 hour free parking . Given that Spetter spent some considerable time on the sea bed she requires a total renovation, replacement engine and fuel tanks, complete re wiring, re plumbing, all new electrics, a 1 m long horizontal hull crack just above deck level on the port side, deck repair, sundry internal woodwork repair and the list goes on, and on.
    Many thanks in advance.



    Have a look at Ridge Wharf in Wareham – A NC 33 has been in their yard for years. Loads of ‘Projects’ here.




    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for that one , I’m on it now and it looks promising.

    Piers Covill

    Hi Tim

    Welcome and good luck with your project. If me or any of us can provide advice and encouragement at any time, do please let me know. This forum is a good place to start with many NC33 owners on here.

    I can’t immediately suggest any alternatives above what you have outlined. My only thought is that storing things inland is always much cheaper than in a a boat yard, and your refit is going to be a long project I suspect. I have a yard near me in Wallop, Hampshire (miles from the sea) and I refitted a 26ft boat there and it cost about £1200 for a year’s storage in the open (I put plastic sheeting over it). OK so it’s further on the lorry, but you are paying for the crane at each end anyway and the monthly saving is considerable. Might be worth looking inland a bit – chatting up some friendly farmers.

    Best wishes Piers
    Technical Secretary – Nauticat Association

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    Hi Piers,
    Thank you for the welcome, and for the inland storage suggestion. Given the scale of the project the idea does indeed make sense , I’ll see what I can turn up.
    All the best

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