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N33 overall lenght in a marina.

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    Dear All,

    An N33 is nominally 33 feet long, but has a bowsprit which extends well beyond that. When measured for marina charges, how long is it?

    An N35 is nominally longer than the N33 and I know a different kind of boat, yet it might measure less than the N33 but would give more accomodation than an N32 which is quite cramped in the aft cabin.

    Both the N33 and N35 are options over the N32 one of which is available locally. I know there are cheaper berthing options but not many near Eastbourne where I reside.

    Thank you for your kind considerations.

    Alasdair Woodfield


    My 331 has been measured by Weymouth marina as 12M, thats with the bowsprit and swim platform. I had been claiming 11M 🙁

    The official Siltala styates 331 is 10.4M , but this is the hull length, not O/all lengthe !!!



    Hi I keep my boat, a Nauticat 33Mk2 at premier Chichester. They measure the boat at just over 11 metres. Premier increase charges in steps and are quite reasonable in that they charge me at 10 to 11 metres rather than the next step 11to 12 metres.

    The boat has a bowsprit and was measured at 37ft.

    Trevor Rose

    Hallo,My experience is that Marinas now get their tape measure on overall lengths of all newcomers.You are correct in debating the Nauticat model to buy comparing Marina costs.But you can save in diesel costs if you can live with a little less space found in a ketch and buy a N sloop.Either type is generally more economical if it has a 1 in its Model description.N sloops are more roomy than most other make sloops and generally can be steered from below when a situation dictates.But if you need that lovely large wheelhouse a ketch is the answer and an early 33 has no bowsprit thus reducing Marina costs.
    Trevor Rose N33 for 7 years and now N37


    Thanks to all, I didn’t get the email notifications, I must check my settings.

    Cayley marina said they charged 10.2 metres for an N33. Premier Eastbourne would charge 10 metres for an N32.

    Peter, I believe that figure of 37 feet is correct for a Mk 2, which is why ask in the first place.

    Trevor, the Mk 1 N33 has a wooden top which can be expensive and it is not quite as plush down below. Later models 321, 331 351 are quite a bit more expensive to buy.

    Sorry Alister, you could change to a folding swim platform. It is the problem with the length which made me look at an N35, it can’t be more than 37 feet overall. If you are going to pay for it it would be nice to have the hull length.

    At the end of the day it will come down to what feels right at the time and a small difference in mooring costs will have to be accepted.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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