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    More  handgrenades are being thrown into the porridge of the biofuel debate.

    2 years ago we were advised to obtain ultra strong biocides for our tanks (I still have some available if wanted), and to lay-up with empty tanks – not easy if you have 100s of litres left in the tanks.

    Now some advisors are suggesting that it might be harmful to add any biocide to the latest fuel specification.

    RYA and PBO are advising one to ask the fuel pump operators what is being supplied. My experience is that they will have no idea.

    My nearest fuelling point is Gosport Marina where I was supplied with “Red Diesel” to which I added Kathon (with no ill affects so far).

    Any further information/experiences on this would be most welcome, including from boats abroad where there is the further issue of Red Diesel legitimacy.

    John C.



    Hi All 

    A little info on red diesel that we get on the West Coast of Scotland from  the Clyde to Stornoway
    . With one exception, all red diesel suppliers at Marina’s and ports deliver fuel that does NOT have any Bio fuel added.unlike white diesel which has. 
    The exception to this is Tobermory where road fuel is delivered by road tanker to garages and to the marina where the red colouring is added on site, the reason is cost of transport (expensive ferry from Oban to Craignure)
    Last Marina if going north is Croabh Haven, the next would be Mallaig. 
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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