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Marina fees during the covid lockdown

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    Richard Proud

    I am a newcomer to Nauticats and a recent returner to sailing following a long absence.
    In the light of the covid lockdown I would appreciate any comments from you on how your marina is treating you whilst you cannot use your boat.
    I had stored my boat for the winter in a marina in Wales expecting to move to one in Scotland at the end of April. I missed leaving by two days and because of the virus restrictions my boat is ,stuck in Wales for the duration.
    Had I been in this situation in Scotland I would have been charged half price until I could leave. In Wales I am expected to pay on the monthly visitor rate with no concession to my not knowing how long I must stay.
    Had I made it to the Scottish marina I would have been given an extra month’s berthing at the season end as compensation for not being able to use the boat during the lockdown.
    Any examples would be appreciated as I am wondering if I should be applying some pressure to the marina in Wales. It is of course possible that the marina in Scotland is an exception.


    Hi Richard, it’s a tricky subject and really depends on whether moving your boat is essential travel.

    I would ask the RYA’s legal contact for advice as your situation is a little different to ours. They’ve always been very helpful to us in the past.

    We live aboard FT and our N42 is our one and only home, though this confuses many given how nice Nauticats are…still significantly less expensive than a central London flat.

    To that end we’ve been told that we can’t be compelled to stay in a marina paying fees and are on the hook in a river. As long as our travel is essential, e.g. getting food, exercise etc. then we’re ok to do so.

    We did talk to the RYA and local marine police unit first before moving and I’d suggest that’s a better approach than having them chase you down. We always get names and contact details of who we talk to and jot them down in the log.

    Our alternative could have been to sail across the north sea to NL which is where we’re flagged but given the weather recently in the N.sea and other factors we decided against.

    Hope that helps, but as mentioned sounds like a quite different set of circumstances.

    victor crowhurst

    On this topic, I realised that my insurers, Nautical Insurance Services Ltd, require me, if I’m absent from the boat in excess of 45 days, to arrange a competent person or management company to be authorised to go aboard and deal with any boat-threatening event on my behalf. I’ve rung them and we’re going to reslove the issue. I’ve also asked my marine if they have enough staff to take the responsibility on, in case I have to verify to my insrer that I’ve taken reasonable steps. This would not be a good time to get on the wrong side of your marina.

    Richard Proud

    Hello and thank you for the replies to my first post.
    In the end I did ask my marina if they would make some allowances and I received a very satisfactory response. They will charge me at the annual rate but on a monthly basis. This has reduced my costs by about a third whilst leaving me free to leave the marina without penalty once the situation will allow it. I am very glad I asked.
    It does appear that many marinas are now giving some concession to owners, some as price reductions and some as contract extensions free of charge.
    Thank you for the point about the insurance, I will be checking mine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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