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Installing a RAY AIS650 Transceiver

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    I am considering the installation of the above on a 331 with 2x E80 Classic MFD’s has anyone fitted one ? If yes, do you have a modified wiring diagram especially with the NMEA connections ?

    As a beginner in the field of NMEA/SeaTalk I am struggling to understand the correct way to make the NMEA connections. I understand that the AIS signal at 38400 baud has to input to one E80 which has to be set to that baud. On my boat the cabin E80 currently feeds NMEA 4800 baud to the S2 course computer and then on to the VHF. What I cannot get an answer to from Raymarine is whether the 4800 baud from AIS650 would have to be connected to the S2 or hava to route to the 2nd MFD which is set at 4800 baud then feed to S2 and VHF.

    I hope someone has already trodden this path and can help ?



    I have with a AIS250 and I seem to remember it was very simple – just plug in and i worked.  If you use Raymarines own products then they configure themselves more or less, you only need to worry about baud speeds if you are going outside of the Raymarine product family.  By the way the inbuilt VHF splitter seems to work ok.

    The instructions and installation for the version above are at:
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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