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Gearbox dipstick issues

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    I’m having difficulty working out the correct level of oil for the gearbox on this 2003 N331. The box is a Kanzak KM4A attached to a Yanmar 4JH3G-TE. The gearbox manual shows a dipstick with an upper and lower marker (as you would expect) but my dipstick has only one marker – see image.

    I don’t think that the stick has had the bottom cut-off as the end is smooth so is this mark the upper limit?

    Also, it looks like the stick had a collar the remains can be seen where the plastic joins the stick and there is evidence of some locking method on similar plastic at the oil filler hole. Can any one confirm this is a locking device and how I can find a replacement.

    Thanks Mike

    Manuel Rodríguez

    I’ve read in other forums that this hole is the upper mark. Find “Kanzak KM4A oil level” in google. Some people have the same question as you.

    John Crump


    The marker on the stick indicates the correct level of oil when the screw cap is rested on top of its socket (not screwed in).

    John Crump, SKYLER 331


    Thanks this is helpful. I will need to change the socket as there is no thread on mine. The remains of the threaded section can be seen on the stick and on the gearbox filler top. Can any one suggest a local source for this fitting?

    Andrew Bell

    Mike, I have the same engine (well almost, 4JH4-TE) and gearbox as you in my 331. Although I don’t have my manuals with me in UK (Sonatina is in southern Italy), from experience I can confirm John Crump’s advice. By the way, the small hole near the top of the dip stick is a breather hole to allow air out when you push the dipstick in; nothing to do with checking the oil level. To obtain advice on a new dip stick I suggest contacting E P Barrus Ltd customer service desk as they are the main importers of Yanmar/Kanzak equipment. Yours, Andrew Bell


    Thanks for the input all. Mike

    Mark Ashley-Miller

    Just to add – my 331 Gearbox (or Clutch or Transmission as it also seems to be called) has identical dip stick. It only has one line about 1 cm from the tip. I believe this is the MAX line and my level is always just below it. I don’t seem to consume any oil at all.
    Mark – GOOD DOG – 07817845775 if anyone wants to chat about it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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