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Fuel cross feeding from one tank to another: Solution

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    Piers Covill

    On behalf of Mark Ashley-Miller

    My 331 was having an issue where Stb fuel gauge stuck at “full” and the Port gauge kept on going down even when the fuel tank lever (under the steps to the stern cabin) was permanently over to the Stb tank.
    The reason (I believe) was that fuel was cross-draining from the Port tank into the Stb tank, via the Generator fuel pipework, either when the boat sailed on a Port tack, or just due to some kind of pressure.
    The solution, (and thanks to Piers for suggesting this), was to close one of the two valves located each side the generator fuel filter on the pipe between the generator and the two fuel tanks. In accordance with the note on the valve, I closed the valve to the Port tank, leaving the valve to the Stb tank open.
    Enclosed is a detailed diagram of the 331 fuel system (thanks to my friend Toby who was an RN engineer). The valve in question is next to the fuel filter marked “B” and it is located at the stern, Stb, upper side of the engine bay.
    If you would like to discuss this please phone me 07817845775


    Thanks for flagging this up. I have experienced exactly the same problem on my 331 this season although had not experienced it before. I have just checked the fuel supply cocks to the generator fuel filter and both cocks were open. Also, on the bulkhead adjacent to the filter brown is notice saying “The port fuel supply cock is normally kept closed”. Funny old thing! I think that the mechanic who serviced my engine and generator during the winter must have opened that cock not appreciating the effect it would have. I have now closed the Port cock and will keep it that way unless I need to draw fuel for the generator from the Port tank. I shall sleep better tonight as this was something that was bothering me. Andrew Bell on Sonatina.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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