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Ford Lehman fuel consumption

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    David Babsky

    This is a reply to Dick:

    As mentioned above (..ninth message from top..) “Our 1989(?) Ford Lehman uses about 5 litres an hour at 1600rpm, giving us a constant 7 knots.”

    (I can’t make head nor tail of how these messages are organised!)

    1600rpm gives us – in flat, calm-ish, still water, 7 knots. I may increase it to 1900 or – at most – 2100 if the tide and wind are against us maintain that 7 knots (I always like to arrive on time). At 1600rpm with a 2-knot following tide, that’s 9 knots (we’ve sailed, with a following force 6, at 11.5 knots).

    With a 2-knot tide against us (..there’s always a while, going the 9 hours from Ramsgate to Eastbourne, when the tide turns after Dungeness..) I usually go up to 1900rpm to maintain as far as possible that 7 knots 7 knots x 9hrs gives us that 63 miles from Ramsgate to Eastbourne.

    Once again, it’s about 5 litres an hour at 1600rpm.

    Yours, David.


    Thanks again I also get lost with the message trail did not mean to ask same question twice ….all good info thanks but with 1380 miles to go I will need plenty of wind or drums on the deck!!!! i was hopeful of 2 to 3 ltrs at say 1500 but looks not so its drums on deck or wait for wind…….
    Thanks again

    David Babsky

    In reply to Dick:

    If I think I’m going to run low on fuel – hardly possible along the UK or continental coast – I choose a suitable refuelling place to stop. But if that wouldn’t be possible for your trip, then drums on deck it’d have to be. How about water? Got sufficient? Got a radar reflector or electronic radar-bouncer? Got lots of Kwells? Radio working OK? Got your certificates in case anyone asks (for the radio)? Got a courtesy (Portuguese) flag and a yellow duster? ..etcetera, etcetera, etcetera..


    Hi David
    I try to reply to messages by the email copy but need to log onto NC web to come back to you – well been in Crosshaven Ireland upgrading boat for 12 days last 2 days looking at and rewireing a chaotic dash panel….. added AISTransponder/new AIS capable VHF/B&G plotter/Navtex/Wind instuments/ Firdell Reflector/Led nav lights/ Furuno wifi Radar /Fridge/Wheelpilot and more – big pile of old stuff next to boat also had her totally re rigged – as To water I only use tank water for boiled drinks n washing when offshore have bottled water for other – if not enough fuel will just sit n wait for wind – did that for 5 days on way back from the Azores a few years ago!!!! Only thing not in stock here are the courtesy flags but I have them on my old boat in Portugal – nobody seems interested in certs anymore maybe they will now after Brexit but reports I get is they just want your Euros!!!!!

    I dont see your last message on this site cant seem to grt the hang of how its constructed?

    David Babsky

    This reply is to Dick:

    I can’t reply to you via email, but only on this website. But you seem to have got here OK, as you’ve replied to me here!

    Here’s a shortcut to this same page:

    You seem to be perfectly well prepared, so I don’t think I can add anything except PAPER CHARTS in case your electrics go down! (And keep transferring your position to your paper charts, so that you know exactly where you are if the electrics go!)

    Cheers, David.


    Oh yes well prepared in that department also been doing it for 60 years so getting the hang of it – just load up with food in a week or so and off to the sun👍👍👍


    When running at 2500 rpm, the engine sounds right, the other gauges are all within Siltala-recommended ranges, and fuel consumption is 4–5 l/h.

    Another Nauticat owner of similar vintage as mine told me that his owners manual says that his engine is governed at 2650. As everything else about the engine sounds, looks, and acts normal, it seems that it is not running as if without a governor. Maybe the tach is wrong. Perhaps unrelated but the hours-meter hasn’t worked since I bought the boat 4 years ago.

    David Babsky

    This is a reply to Bruce:

    “..Maybe the tach is wrong..” ..yup, maybe. Have you checked its connection to the side of the engine? Tried wiggling it to see if it’s loose? If the hours meter has gone wrong, then maybe it IS the tach which isn’t reading correctly. There are hand-held techs which respond to a bit of reflective tape which you stick to the flywheel – or a pulley on the front of the engine (Maplin used to sell them). That’d be a way to check whether the tach is correct or not.

    Nigel Jay

    I know its an old post but I thought id offer my findings for my Mermaid Ford Dover 90hp.
    Ive recently traveled from Poole upto Oban Scotland, Id say avg fuel consumption @ 6 knots of 0.8L per 1 Nautical mile.
    Allowing for a safety margin, engine condition, tide & wind etc
    I’d work on 1L = 1Nm

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