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Ford Lehman engine anodes fiiting

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    Can anyone please advise how to replace the engine anodes on my 2712 Ford Lehamn
    Gustavson Marinization.


    David Babsky

    Ours is a Ford Lehman, but I’m not sure that it’s the same marinisation as yours: ours has a large engine-cooling-water heat exchanger on the RIGHT side of the engine as you look from the stern (and it’s painted red).

    If yours looks the same, then near the FRONT, but on the TOP of the heat exchanger cylinder, there’s a largish nut ..from memory it’s a bit larger than half an inch.

    Unscrew that nut on the TOP of the exchanger, and it should pull up and dangling beneath it should be the remnant of the previous cylindrical zinc anode ..or the previous anode may have dissolved away, or dropped off into the heat exchanger chamber. (Old detritus of previous anodes can be removed by unscrewing the very FRONT of the exchanger, and clearing out the crud.)

    Then insert a new cylindrical zinc anode into the bottom of the nut, and screw back into the exchanger.

    If none of this seems sensible, then perhaps your marinisation is different from ours, even though it’s the same engine.


    David, “Nautilia”.

    P.S: If the picture which I’ve just uploaded is visible, or reachable, it’s of our heat exchanger (you don’t have to remove yours, but we did, for maintenance) and the nut at the very top-right of the picture is the nut which holds the anode: just unscrew it to remove the previous one and to replace it with a new one.


    Naïla has a 2712 marinised by Gustavson. Seen from the rear the anode holder is at the foremost position, on starboard.
    Included pictures are :
    – anode holder with some remains of zinc anode
    – brand new spare anode holder with brand new zinc
    – picture of the entire motor with operational temperatures, the anode holder is where the green arrow labelled “Arrivée EdM 30°C” points (front and right of the engine)
    – a spare holder without zinc

    I bought new zinc through Perkins distributors (Secodi in La Rochelle). Their description on the bill was “bougie BUKH 2 L=40 D=12 BK002” where L=40 is obviously the length in mm, and D=12 is the diamteter

    The Nauticat association can provide zinc holder to continental standards. It may help you.


    Hi Yves,
    Thanks for the information very helpful, I can now change these without having to guess where their are located. I recently bought my Nauticat 33 (ALSY) in La Rochelle June 2018.
    We then sailed her back to The UK and are based in Ipswich on the east coast.
    She is undergoing a mini refit getting ready to sail down the Greece Island in 2020.
    Again many thanks for your help.
    Happy New Year.

    Alan Savory


    Hi David,

    Happy New Year and thanks for the input, it look like your ford has a Bowman system
    which is different to mine. However, Yves seem to have the solution.

    Again many thanks.

    Alan Savory

    David Babsky

    You’re welcome ..Happy Sailing!


    You bought her in La Rochelle in August 2018. What pier was she landing on, was she on “ponton 22” at “quai du bout blanc” or was she closer to the 3 or 4 restaurants at quai Marillac ?
    How surprising.

    FYI, Naïla stands on “quai du bout blanc” at “ponton 23”.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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