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Ford – Gustavson, where is the calorstat on a 2712

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    Dr Jorg Taubel

    While servicing my 1977 Ford 2712 that powers my NC33 I wondered whether the engine is equiped with a calorstat (that part that open when a certain temperature is reached in order to allow cooling water to cool down the top part of the engine).
    According to Ford service manual the calorstat seats on the top of the engin, at the front left corner, just under a rubber pipe that was removed  with Gustavson marinisation. This original sitting is actually just under the addeed cast iron bowl that comes <ith Gustavson marinisation (the bowl into which one will add water plus glycol when topping up).
    Should this be the case, is there any special precaution to remove this bowl in order to gain access to the calorstat.
    Any special indications about calorstat type and availability ?




    I just see your question now (june 15th). I’ll be back on board next week, and reply to you. If I forget (I currently have bad time with my maxprop propeller) please send me a reminder :
    Dr Jorg Taubel

    Hello Joel,

    For your information, someone on Nautcat US forum kindly sent me a copy of that part of the Gustavson marinisation drawings that relates to the water tank tlocated at the front end of the 2712.
    From that drawing it is clear that the calorsat is under the tank, roughly located above number 6231 on the drawing . One has to remove the two long screws 20030 to get access to it.
    The drawing also shows the two anodes 6206 and 6258 tha have to be periodically checked and replaced.

    By the way, I would love to find the other drawings of the gustavson marinisation.

    Yves Devillers

    Some news to close this issue.
    I eventually acquired a genuine Ford thermostat/calorstat (number 815F 8575 AAA) from the french 271x Ford dealer, namely Fornaut, in Le Pré Saint Gervais.
    Cost for it was around 25€ plus extra 2,7€ for paper gasket, VAT incl.
    They confirmed the exact location of the thermostat at the top left front of the engine seen from the inverter.
    The recommended a “start to open at 71 °C” version for a marine engine and they recommended tIat I cut and remove the somewhat movable restriction (copper part, at 3 hours on the attached picture) in order to ease cooling flow.

    Their courtesy was to supply me with a pdf version of the 271x 1975 service manual, in french, which may prove unvaluable while undertaking services. Please drop me a note if you like a copy of it. Richard, do you thing it has it’s place in the association repository ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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