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Finmar 361 ….built 1983.

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    We have in recent months taken ownership of ” Baltic Spirit ” a boat well known, we believe, in Solent waters although originally on the East Coast where she is now located once more.

    Is there knowledge out there that explains where the Finmar is placed on the Nauticat family tree?
    As an aside ” Baltic Spirit ” has a bow platform with what I surmise is a self launching anchor. The hook in question seems insubstantial…can anyone advise?
    Would appreciate any thoughts, experience or encouragement regarding the above. Thanks for your time.

    Sorry to reply so lately, I discover your question today.

    A few years ago, I met in the island of Groix (south Brittany), the owner of a boat that I believed was a Nauticat. Actually it was a Finmar 36. The owner told me the history of Finmar.
    According to him, Finmar was founded by engineers who had left Siltala (Nauticats boatyard) to create their own boatyard. They managed to build Finmar boats, very similar to Nauticats, during a few years. Then Finmar was sued by Siltala, and after trial, was obliged to destroy the moulds and cease activity.
    Also according to this Finmar boat owner, the quality of construction of his boat was excellent, 
    Hope this helps,
    Kind regards,
    Joël Rogale
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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