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Engine failure + exhaust problem

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    Michel AVRIL

    Hello to all
    Brief reminder of my “problem”.
    Boat ( Nauticat 38) visited in May-21. Inboard engine out of order (sea water in the engine, rusty interior).
    The owner changed the engine (condition of purchase).
    September, the engine is started; November sea trip to validate the propeller change (adapted to the new engine).
    I return to the boat at the end of February 2022 … the engine does not start after three hours of operation ! Technician at the boat to try to restart the engine … Since then, the engine has not started again: sea water in the oil and rust in the valves! I am in court to find out WHO is at fault: the engine badly stored before purchase or the installation not in conformity?
    I appeal to your knowledge of your boat’s exhaust system (I will try to attach a sketch I made of my system); does it look like yours?
    What should be changed or proposed BEFORE a new engine is fitted ???
    Thank you very much for your answers.
    (thanks (free version)


    Hello Michel,

    What a horrible situation to be in for you.

    I have little advice on the exhaust issue. There must be some syphoning going on or water coming in the cooling inlet and Filling the engine up while at rest (unlikely)

    My advise and I am sure you will not want to hear is do not go to court. The only winners are lawyers. Of course they will all advise you to pursue the matter.

    As an example. We bought a commercial vehicle. We singed the order form for a NEW 125hp vehicle. The dealer supplied an pre registered, second hand, vehicle with 90hp. We went to court. Whilst we did not loose we did not win. Our Lawyer took the case on as no win no fee. As the proceedings went on our Lawyer spotted a technicality, unrelated to the vehicle, where we may have received a judgment against us. The lawyer at that point advised dropping proceedings. Somehow we escaped all fees.

    I would fear that any legal battle will cost mort than the engine repair and distract you from getting the boat fit again.

    Regards, Rod

    Richard Proud

    My 38 had a very similar experience. New engine fitted, ran for about six hours, water in the oil. The cause was that the engineer had removed the anti syphon loop from the system. On the 38 the anti syphon loop should discharge from the Starboard hull side. I have been fighting the installer for a year now. The case has been taken on by my insurers under my legal cover.
    The symptoms are so similar to those on my engine it would be worth just checking the anti syphon loop, if you have cover and have not done so it would be worth involving your insurer. If my costs had been lower I would have done the legal claim myself via the small claims procedure.
    Best regards,
    Richard Proud.

    Michel AVRIL

    Thank you very much for your answers.
    In fact, my lawyer is following the procedure that has been initiated – through my legal protection. At the moment we are in an “amicable” procedure; we are due to have another meeting in January 23 with the three experts together (seller, fitter and my insurance) … we will know more then.
    I’m still stuck in port; I’m taking advantage of this to do a lot of repairs and adjustments, to be ready for my big departure – I’ll be retired in a month.
    Best regards

    Thanks to DeepL Translator (free version)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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