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Electric Water Heater

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    I have just found a major leak with the Calorifier that is (was) fitted to my NC36. The condition of the unit – rusty and suffering from corrosion all over compelled me to remove it from its rusted through mounting and disconnect it from the engine.

    I am now looking for a replacement unit and ideally I would like the same model; It has a RARITAN ENGINEERING CO (USA)  address on the plate and the model number is R-6. It has a 6 Gallon capacity and (strangely, for a boat that has been in UK waters for nearly 40 years) the tech details on the side show 118 volts.

    I have looked at the RARITAN website but can see no model similar – I wondered if anyone out there could advise me where I might find one that has the same fittings etc, so that I don’t have to go through the nausea of extending hoses and cutting more holes in my bulkhead to accommodate a different model of unit.

    My contact details are:  or 07552 110848 if anyone feels they might be able to help with advice, please get in touch.

    Ray McDonald


    Hi Vikla

    This one looks very similar… I will do some research on it and see if I can make it fit!!! 

    :)) :-*

    Many thanks, lucky you were about today 

    Yours aye 


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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