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    Dear All,

    In Chichester Marina on Saturday there was a group of people selling Torqueedo’s. I’ve heard good things about them, and I am tempted to replace the 4HP 4 stroke that I have with one.


    – no maintenance at all
    – very light for passing down to the dingy
    – high torque
    – battery lasts 6 hours on half revs (evidently), but can be kept topped up with a solar panel accessory.
    – no petrol on the boat
    – very quiet
    – battery can be charged from 12volts on the boat or 240v when in the marina

    – well its electric so it will run out of charge
    – having a charging mechanism on board
    – Cost – discounted rate has then starting at £1,100

    Has anyone made the switch yet, and if so what was the experience ?



    John Rotter

    Hi Richard,
    I purchased a Torquedo electric outboard recently and so far have been very pleased with it. I think 6 hours at half throttle is optimistic, more like 4 hours but so far I have not run it flat. Pros and cons are as you said, the great thing is that Jean can use it. She often had difficulty starting the old 2 stroke and when the battery is dismounted she can lift the three components herself if necessary. Great thing to have but a little expensive.
    Fully recommended.


    Thanks John. It’s very tempting.

    I’ve got a folding wooden boat as a tender which you can also put sails on and I think this would be just the ticket for it. It should be light enough just to lift in when under sail….

    Nicholas Clegg

    Hi John and Richard, I am having the same thoughts for the same reason.

    Richard, how much of a load have you put it under? Not sure what measure to compare but do you notice a significant drop in oomph with a heavier load? My dinghy is 2.3mtrs and I occasionally carry 3 adults. My Honda 2.3 is ok but it is definitely more of a struggle with 3 than 2 people.



    Andrew Reed

    I am very tempted. Not only is electric much more environmentally friendly than petrol but also much safer. The new battery I am told is a considerable improvement over the original one. There is the question of durability (electrics in a salty environment) and the cost. I think a new battery is £650! That said all that RW has said makes me believe the day of our four stroke Suzuki are numbered. We now have an agent in Chichester Marina. The temptation may outweigh the expense. Any offers for my Suzuki…..


    So I bought one and it’s great. The “controlability” of the speed, no faffing with trying to find the gear lever etc is really good. The weight is also amazing. Overall I’m impressed with it. Not used it on any distance yet.



    Bob Van der Winden

    Hi Richard,
    reading this old post (i’m currently looking for a dinghy with electric outboard) I think the Torqueedo stories are pretty convincing…
    You also mention a folding wooden boat which attracted my attention. Can you tell us what kind of? Especially the sailing part (with grandchildren!) speaks to my imagination….
    Warm regards,


    Hi Bob,

    I bought a SeaHopper

    I have a problem with the stability of the tender, but it fits my 38 well.



    Roger Sturge

    I also have a Torqeedo. I was fortunate to get it a bit over half price barely used – still more than the cost of an equivalent petrol engine, but I am very glad not to have a locker full of petrol/oil mix cans.. I haven’t used it a great deal so haven’t tested its longevity. It has plenty of oomph on a fairly large inflatable.

    Roger Sturge

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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