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    One of our members in Portugal has a 1977 NC33, Perkins 6.234 engine with a CAV 35amp alternator which has failed, he is trying to consider a direct replacement or take the opportunity to fit a larger output alternator. Anyone got experience of fitting a lager ouput alternator, along with issues of regulators and wire sizes?

    Dr Jorg Taubel

    I suspect I have same alternator problem though it may also be the external TWC “booster” that fails, with my AC5B 12-10 35A CAV alternator.
    I have been looking here and there for a replacement part without success as of today. I may consider a 50 – 60A one.
    I’ll have to collect new information aboard (revolving direction, pulley shaft size and the like) before deciding for some prestolite compatible unit.

    In Cat A Log issue number 61 page 20 there is a recommendation to look after AC5B123 on DJF Auto web site.

    Dr Jorg Taubel

    I made some progress on this front :
    – I bought a prestolite 66021151M at £110 from Britain, it incorporates a basic regulator, form factor is almost the same though the “foot” (the part used for the main axis) is lowered from 3″ to 2″ . Some piece of still will do the trick

    – Later I shall install an external 3-phases regulator (bulk-boost-float), very likely using Sterling products, either the AR12V (£90 but quite cumbersome to install) or the AtoB model (some £300, trivial to insert between regulator and battery banks)

    I’ll gladly read any comments about this project.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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