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Also inspired by the Sea Survival course….

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    I have made two more laminated cards (to compliment the one listing all the switches and their functions) to help new people on the boat.

    1. Is a diagram of the boat layout (I just google’d google images until I fond my boat layout) and I have marked where all the safety kit is down below. Might help if we need something quickly.

    2. Standard VHF emergency procedure, again for those who might not be used to it.

    All common sense but I did not have these on my boat, just thought I lodge in the forum in case someone else needed it.



    David Babsky

    I have a similar set of VHF instructions stuck – visibly – beside the radio, but I’ve also included (after the bit about switching the radio ON)
    Turn UP the volume to 3/4
    Turn DOWN the squelch till a very loud hiss is heard, then slowly turn the squelch the other way till the loud hiss just about stops

    This is to ensure that in any fuss the squelch hasn’t been accidentally turned up and INCREASED, so that any response to a Mayday – or other signal – is not heard on the boat.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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