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385 Nauticat – User Manual

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    Alexander Schmoll

    Hello together,
    i am a newcomer on this web page. My wife and me, we bought a Nauticat 385 in the Netherland last October without any documentation.

    Actually our problem is tank ventilation on port side. When we are using this tank, the engine stops after 10 min. But where is the ventilation installed ? Any hints ?
    Another problem are the clasp of the wardobe, cupboards. Where we can get new one ?

    Due to any documentation we are searching for a user or technical Manual of that type of ship.
    Thank you very much for your help and support.

    Greetings from switzerland.

    Alexander Schmoll

    Carole Strickland

    Hi Alexander,

    We also have a 385 called Blue Spirit (2007 boat) in the UK. We do have a manual in German which we would be pleased to send to you if we can in a suitable format.

    As far as we are aware, the tank ventilation are on the outside of the cockpit. You are probably aware there are two fuel tanks with a change-over tap located in the cupboard behind the mirror in the aft cabin. Port side is the large tank, 243 litres; it is possible you may have a blockage in that fuel line or vent.

    Nice to meet a fellow 385 owner, not many of us about.

    My wife, Carole, is the Membership Secretary, and she will be emailing to you welcome you to the Association.

    Best regards,

    Brent Strickland

    Chris Thomas

    Hi Alexander,

    I am not sure they are the same but I replaces some latches on my Nauticat 37. I obtained them from…

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes

    Alexander Schmoll

    Hi Brent,
    this sounds wonderful, we have to explore every technical detail on our own, a technical manual will be very helpful, in englisch, french but also in our motherlanguage is very welcome.
    Exploring every detail needs a lot of time. Our Ship was build 2005, we are the third owner und we located in the Netherlands. We are visiting the boat every 4 to 6 weeks travelling from switzerland. Reducing the time for searching technical problems and using it for sailing will be possible with the information in the documentation. ….thank you very much.

    Hi Chris,
    yes this are the right latches. Thank you very much. I will order them immediately
    Thenak you very much.

    Greetings Alexander

    Alexander Schmoll

    Hi Carole,
    Thank you very much for the manual of the 385.The tansfer works without any problems.

    I will upload the electric and wiring plan for the 385, you can place it in Resources / Nauticat 385 / …, so other can use it.
    Thank you.

    Alexander Schmoll

    And the fuse plan also.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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