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321 Electrical panal

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    Good Morning Folks
    May I ask how everyone else accesses the back of the switches in the main panel? Having removed all the screws there doesn’t seem to be enough slack in the wiring to fold it forwards.

    David Babsky

    We have a 33, and the switch panel is horizontal, beside the chart-table, just to the left of the companionway down to the saloon, forward of the wheel. I unscrew all six(?) screws and gently prize the panel upwards. There’s not a lot of spare wiring, so it can’t be pulled up and out, but can be tilted over to one side to get access to the bottoms of the switches.

    But that’s a 33, not a 331, sorry.


    Hello, I have a 331 with the liveaboard layout where the main panel is to the rear of the starboard entrance and held on with just two screws. I removed mine a few days ago to see how to replace some switches which are beginning to corrode. Interestingly, the panel had about half a meter of spare cable so that I could rest it in on the entrance step.

    For the builder to wire up the panel with such a short loom doesn’t seem sensible so I wonder if the loom on yours is held in with a cable tie? Another option is to remove the shortest cables if you can get your hand in until you have sufficient access.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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